Tuesday, March 6, 2012

City on the Cheap

We decided it was high time to reap some benefits of Matt’s travel.  The kids were with the grandparents for the weekend, and we hit the big city.  Matt has wanted to stay at the Conrad for quite sometime.  They had a promotion going to get a certain style of room for a discounted amount of points.  Free is good, right?

Oh my, is free ever good.  Apparently it was slow in the big city because she upgraded us to a one-bedroom king suite.  Sweet!

We needed some lunch before anything else.  We had a gift card for a restaurant nearby.  Our lunch came to $3 under the value of the gift card.  Not too shabby.

Our goal while childless in the city was to experience a little culture.  We left the Conrad and walked in the blustery wind to The Art Institute.  The six blocks Matt estimated seemed a bit longer. 

We came to the conclusion that we don’t get modern art.  We chuckled at the visitors that stood and pondered the all white canvas with a black frame.  Really?

Originally we planned to go out to dinner; it’s been a long time since we ate at a nice place without the kids.  However, the more we thought about it, we wanted to get the most out of our sweet room.  So the plan for fancy-schmancy turned into a Malnati’s pizza and a Red Box movie.  I have to say, I think I enjoyed that more than the original plan.

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