Monday, March 26, 2012

Getting There is Half the Fun

Since the trip to London was last minute, I had to fly alone.  I dropped him at the airport at 11:00AM so he could start his journey via Dulles.  I went back home to finish packing and pass the time until I had to leave around 2:30.

Thanks to all of Matt's travel I have become quite an efficient packer.  The main secret to our packing success is the roll.  We roll all of our clothes instead of packing them folded.  For some reason this allows an insane quantity of clothing in a suitcase.  I am guilty of over packing, but this packing system allows for it with room to spare.  I packed two jackets, an extra pair of shoes, five shirts, three pairs of jeans, and all the other necessary accessories for a successful trip.

With room to spare!
So I was on my way to the airport for the second time for the day.  Matt had something up his sleeve when he booked my award ticket - he booked it as business class on British Airways.  That ticket allowed me to hang out in the BA Lounge before taking off.  Snacks, free Wi-Fi, and a small meal before taking off was well appreciated.  What a great experience to fly BA.  First off all the employees have the great polite British/Scottish accent.  How can you not smile when you hear that.  On top of that, the business class seat was a lay flat with video on demand.  Yet again, he is making it hard for future travel.  How can possibly expect me to fly coach after this?

My sleeping pod :)

Cozy to watch The Descendants

Upon arrival at Heathrow, I had to find Matt.  Thankfully I've been to this airport a few times before so I knew what to expect as far as layout until Border Control.  The only thing we did not fully agree upon was where to meet after that.  I saw him before he saw me.  Thanks to the family signal I caught his attention right away.

We rode the Underground out to Holborn station to find our home for the next few days.


  1. Wow, what a great way to fly!!

  2. You said it Renee. I am very thankful for all of Matt's miles :)