Sunday, April 8, 2012

Do You Hear What I Hear?

If you remember from the last post I mentioned something about the sound of water in our hotel room.  After we returned from dinner the noise was still audible.  By this point we figured it wasn’t someone’s shower.    

While I’m one for the sound of the ocean, I can’t handle it in my room at 3AM.  I stopped at the front desk to see if they had any idea of the source of the noise.  The gal gave me a raised eyebrow as if she thought I as crazy. 

Two guys promptly came up to our room and gave me same the raised eyebrow as the front desk lady.  I invited them in and hushed them as I closed the door.  Simultaneously their heads tilted up to the ceiling and the raised eyebrows turned into a confused look.  They agreed that the noise was odd and understood why we didn’t want to stay there. 

Thankfully they had an open room, and we were actually happier with the extra space. 

The best part – it was quiet. 

Matt in the loo

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