Sunday, June 24, 2012

Not a Bad Problem to Have

The kids are going to spend some time with their grandparents, so Matt and I are thinking of taking a vacation.  The problem we are having is where to go.  Airfare is quite a bit higher this year than last.  Two of us can go to California this year for the same price as all four of us last year.   

We decided a good way to make our decision easier is to look at the bottom line - airfare + hotel + car + food = the bottom line.  We have a bottom line number in mind, that's where our problem starts. 

We can go many places for that bottom line.  Since it will be two passport-toting adults on this trip, we can go anywhere, except super busy London  :(

Airfare to one location might be high, but the hotel is cheaper so the bottom line stays the same for the first three options.

Los Angeles - stay at a hotel near the beach and walking distance to coffee shops and restaurants. 

Mexico - all inclusive hotel/airfare package

Florida - stay at a hotel near the beach and walking distance to coffee shops and restaurants

Staycation - head to the city once or twice, fold the heap of laundry, and clean out the storage room.

Somewhere not listed that is amazing -  please leave a comment to this blog post!

Vote in the poll on the right side.  If you have any other spectacular destinations or activities to do in the suggested locations, leave a comment!


  1. My vote would be Mexico. Florida is too humid. What about east coast - Cape Cod, Charleston, Savanna?

  2. My vote would be all inclusive Punta Cana. Just got back from there and it was amazing. Beautiful beaches.