Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Go with the flow

One could say that our family is low maintenance.  We have minimal needs in life and don't get caught up in much drama.  G brings his own drama, but what do you expect from a 3 year old?

Our kids are not over scheduled for activities.  Both kids take a Spanish class once a week and M played softball this summer.  That's it.  The lack of activities allows us freedom to do what we want each day.  Beach?  Sure.  Ride bikes to the park?  If it's not too hot.  Pool?  Absolutely.

While we are relatively drama free; there are some things that frustrate me beyond belief.  One thing I will focus on today is kids' sports.  M wanted to play softball with her friends this summer.  We did not object to a season that went from the end of May to the end of June.  We liked the social opportunity, for M and for us.  Working full time limits the social interactions I have with other parents.  I am not at daily pick-up and drop-off to mingle among the moms.  This was a good chance to meet new people.  Let me just say making friends with adults is very hard.  I will leave it at that. 

I have to say M is a great ball player.  She has an accurate throw and a decent swing.

When softball started in May the coaches had some items for which they needed parent support - striping the field, uniform pick up, etc.  One item on the list made me bristle - Snack and End of the Season Party.

When the coach asked if one parent would like to create a snack schedule, I had to speak up.  The games were scheduled for 90 minutes.  Did we really need a snack?  Is there a designated snack time during the game?  Did we really need a snack?  We've all been parents for 8+ years and can be responsible for a snack for our own kid. 

The coach didn't know how to answer my questions.  He fumbled an answer out to say that they've had snack in the past and should continue it this year.  So one family created a snack schedule for us.  I graciously participated because I was not going to disappoint a group of 7-8 year olds who have come to expect snack at every event. 

In addition to snack, there has to be a party at the end of the season, right?

My ulcer gives kudos to the mom that planned it.  She decided to have a brief picnic at the ball field after the last game.  Each parent contributed a small snack for the girls.  I signed up for baby wipes since I already had them in my purse - no shopping necessary.  It was a lovely 25-minute fiesta.

During their snack I noticed that M was having trouble opening her bottle of water.  I walked over to help.  As I bent over, I felt a rush of freezing cold down the back of my shirt.

Time stood still for a few seconds.....

One of the assistant coaches decided to douse the coach with the cooler of water.  Apparently his aim was a little off and I was an unintended victim.  Once the Earth started rotating again, I stood up and instinctively took my own bottle of water and dumped it down the back of his shirt.  The look on the assistant coach's face was all the apology I needed.

I did snag a beer from his cooler.  How's that for going with the flow?

*On a side note - we did not give out goody bags at M's birthday party this year.  I heard at least three of the kids express disappointment to their parent as they walked out the door.  I'm taking a stand, will you join me in not giving these bags of crap out at parties?*

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