Friday, July 6, 2012

So sweet

In case you didn't know, it's really stinkin' hot outside.

It was even too hot to go to the pool today.

After dinner we had to go for a drive before the kids hurt each other (more than they had already).

Once we devoured some Italian Ice we continued our drive.  Once we started our way home, Matt did a loop around the airport.  G saw the airplanes and was super excited to see them.  He saw them landing and idling at the gate.  Once we turned toward the exit ramp, G's tears started to pour.

He wanted to get on one of those airplanes.  We tried to explain that we were not going anywhere tonight.  That was not the answer he wanted.

"I get on the airplane now, Mom."

"Sorry Big Guy, we aren't getting on a plane tonight."

"Yes we are!!!!"

A similar conversation continued all the way home.  I tried to rationalize with the tyke that we did not have a ticket or our suitcases.

"Yes we do!!!  The suitcase is in the trunk."

"Really?  Mom & Dad did not pack our suitcases."

A few minutes later he whispered, "When we get home we get a suitcase and our ticket, OK Mom?"

My heart broke hearing him say this.  

It broke even more when we got home.

G went into his room, changed his clothes, and grabbed his Lightning McQueen suitcase.  Oh my goodness, he looked so hopeful about going on a trip.

Thankfully we were able to diffuse the situation and get him into pajamas and to bed.  I have a feeling this discussion is not over.  I've got money he packs his bag in the morning........

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