Sunday, September 2, 2012

Goodbye Old Friends

We have to say goodbye to some old friends.  They have been a part of our lives on and off for almost 9 years and their absence leaves an empty spot in our home.  There's an empty spot in the cabinet and another in the dresser drawer.  However we've gained in our pocketbook.  

Can you guess who left?

Diapers!   Wahoo!!!!

G starts preschool soon and diapers are not on the supply list.  So it was an all hands on deck affair to get him ready.  

Matt and I cannot take the credit for this.  G's preschool does not start until after Labor Day, which does not work out so well with my public school & Matt's travel schedules.  G has spent the better part of the last two weeks at my parents' house, and we give most of the potty training credit to them.

By the time he returned to us this past Friday he was independent using the loo.  We have to prompt him to go when we leave the house, which is sometimes a battle.  Thankfully we are stronger and can transport him to the WC.  Otherwise he's becoming a big kid .

Another bonus of no diapers - G's pants that were getting snug, now fit because the bulk of the diaper are gone.  Yay!

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