Thursday, September 26, 2013

Let The Panic & Anxiety Begin!

Originally written 5/29/13

Oh my goodness.  The unanswered scenarios are overflowing our brains!  Should we rent our house when we are gone?  Should we sell it?  Do we send our furniture or rent a furnished place?  Where should we live? What school will the kids go to?  How will our parents react to the news?  Will I resign or take a leave from my job?  There are only five days left in the school year, and I have so many tasks to complete before that time.  I don’t think sleep will come easily for the next few days.  

*The news shared in this blog posts was originally written many months ago.  We were not ready to share the news with the world at that time, so I added the original date the post was written at the top.

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