Saturday, September 28, 2013

Raw Emotions

Originally written 5/31/13

The news of our move is trickling out slowly.  This is big news so we need to do it right and share in tiers.  First on the list was our parents and siblings, our kids, and then our friends.  There was anxiety about telling our parents.  Both of our parents live an hour away from our current home, so it’s relatively easy to see each other for causal events or emergencies when the kids are sick. We were relieved when our parents all agreed that our pending move was a phenomenal opportunity and we had to take it. They were not super happy about us leaving the continent.

Today we shared the news with our Oldest Kiddo.  She went to London for the first time this past winter break.  She LOVED the trip, and she reminisces about events at least once a week since returning.  

Our thought behind telling her this early in the process is because we might be gone by the time school starts in August. This would be a good opportunity for her to say good-bye to her friends. We thought she’d be ecstatic with the news.  She first.  

She got the excited shocked look on her face, then it all drained away.  She quickly realized that she’d have to leave her friends, school, and most of all her extended family.  Seeing these raw emotions pour out of her reminded us what a mature girl she is growing into.  After the initial tears, she started asking questions and making sense of what this opportunity really brings. She understood that in order to go to London she’d have to give up some things here.  On the flip side, if we did not go to London she’d have to give up some amazing opportunities there.  By the time we got through the conversation, she said that she knows it’s a wonderful chance that may never happen again.  

It is sad to leave what we know, but the adventure to come is exhilarating.  

*The news shared in this blog posts was originally written many months ago.  We were not ready to share the news with the world at that time, so I added the original date the post was written at the top.

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