Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Life Reduced to a Google Doc

Originally written 6/4/2013

Matt and I love a good list. Actually I'm the one that loves a written list, mostly because I forget if it's not written down. Matt has a super human memory and doesn't forget anything. Usually for big decisions we make a pro/con list.  Over the past few months we made several pro/con lists to decide if we should move. Obviously the pros beat the cons this time.  

For this move we needed the mother of all lists. We decided to use Google Docs for this endeavor. The electronic nature of Google Docs allows us to add to our list whenever (no matter the timezone) or where ever we are. I have the Google Drive app on my phone so I can add to the list as it pops into my head.

So car Google Docs has been a dream. We decided to use the spread sheet feature, which allows us to organize our data into tabs.
  • Tab 1 - What might we have to buy (pretty much things with plugs) & what's an approximate cost in Great Britan Pounds (GBP)
  • Tab 2 - What we have that we want to donate, sell, or put in storage
  • Tab 3 - Realtor Info including positive qualities of our house that might interest a prospective buyer and curb appeal improvements
  • Tab 4 - Get, Forward, Cancel - When did the gym membership get canceled? Did we order the kids' medical records? Now we know who did what and when. The most helpful tab in the document
  • Tab 5 - Bring With - as I go through the the different rooms I'm listing the things we need to take with use. Remembering the toolbox is not the first thing I think of when packing for London. I did think of it whilst waiting for Oldest Kiddo to get done at Spanish class and added it to the doc via the app
  • Tab 6 - Outstanding Schools - finding a school is not fun, so I've made a list of ones that I think look good. Hopefully it helps narrow our housing search
  • Tab 7 - Relocation Questions/Wants for when we speak with the relocation company. If it's not written down it won't be asked.

Together we will tick the boxes on our list to make the process of moving manageable.  At least that’s what we think.  

*The news shared in this blog posts was originally written many months ago.  We were not ready to share the news with the world at that time, so I added the original date the post was written at the top.

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