Saturday, October 12, 2013

Not How We Thought The Weekend Was Going To Go

We had big plans for the long Columbus Day weekend.

Oldest Kiddo was going to spend a few days with her cousin.  Youngest Kiddo was going to stay with Nana & Papa so he could help Papa work on his new shed.  Matt and I were going to continue working decluttering the house and maybe even go out on a date.  

We had big plans for the long Columbus Day weekend.

Matt was out of town at the tail end of the week, and the kids and I had an easy morning getting ready for school on Friday morning.  It was so relaxed that they had time to eat breakfast at home instead of school like usual.

As I sat down to an 8:30 staff meeting, the secretary sent a phone call my way.  It was Oldest Kiddo's school.  I figured she had an upset stomach or a headache.

Not quite.  According to the secretary from her school, she fell on the playground and her shoulder hurts, bad.  I could sense tenseness in her voice, and she said that I should come check her out.  I asked if she thinks they should call the paramedics for Oldest Kiddo, but she urged me to come check her out.

I got the heck out of my school and across town to Oldest Kiddo's school.  I knew this was going to be something big if she wouldn't say much other than I should get over there.  Oldest Kiddo was sobbing in the nurse's office.  The secretary shared that Oldest Kiddo had a collision with another student on the playground.  Each kid was running for a ball and they did not see each other.  She ricocheted off him onto the blacktop and landed on her shoulder.

I knew the only option was to go to the ER.  Thankfully the hospital is only a mile away from school.  She was seen immediately, and they recognized that she was in a ton of pain and gave her some Motrin.  That worked very fast and she calmed down quick.  We only waited a few minutes until the X-ray Tech wheeled out.

You can see the results in the photo below.     

That sure is a broken clavicle
That's her right clavicle; clean break straight through.

Here she is all wrapped up in her sling & Ace bandage
The only fix for it is a sling and an Ace bandage.  It will take 4-6 weeks for her to heal.  We have an appointment with an Orthopedic specialist on Monday for a clear treatment plan.

She needs to learn to eat as a lefty
The ER doc said today would be a rough day for her since all the adrenaline from the accident would be out of her body, and she would start feeling the pain.  That is yet to happen today.  She woke up at her normal time and didn't want any Motrin.  The only treatment she is needing today is an ice pack in 20-minute intervals every two hours.    

She's been content to hang on the couch and watch movies all day.  

Very thankful for the long weekend so she can rest up!

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