Friday, October 11, 2013

Selling the House Part 2

The last time we talked, I had just shared with the neighbors that we were moving.

Now it was time to blow the doors off this and share the news with work and social media.

I started with my team and then the staff.  It was a relief to share, but the sharing made this move real.  Their reactions were the same as we've observed from others.  However, the logistical questions started flying my way.  When am I leaving?  Who will take my position?  Do the students know?  I could not answer many of the questions because I have no idea.  We are selling the house to get in before the traditional slump around the holidays.  Who knows how long it will really take to sell.  We might be doing things out of order, but at this time we think we're doing the right thing.

The realtor did not waste any time putting the sign in the yard.  It was there when I came home at lunch on Friday, but it was not online because interior pictures had not been taken.  The realtor felt having the sign would start to create some interest.

The appliance delivery men arrived right on time, and we spent a few hours together on a lovely Friday.  I asked my in-laws to come in on this day for some support.  I knew the old almond refrigerator fit in the space with not a millimeter to spare.  While we measured the new fridge at the store and checked the measurements online, I wanted my father-in-law there just in case some emergency modifications of cabinetry was necessary.  Thankfully, we were able to spend the afternoon chatting and observing instead of hacking up the cabinets.

Sure hope the new owners love the appliances.  The boy isn't included.
Apparently if you have an eat-in kitchen your house sells better.  Both realtors told us that we had one.  Now, I'm not sure what kitchen they were looking at, but my kitchen is not an eat in kitchen.  The professional opinion was to put a small bistro-style table in the kitchen.  OK boss.

Youngest Kiddo helped

I guess there's an eat-in space
Fresh flowers make a house sell faster
Stay tuned for Part 3 when it gets really interesting.

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