Friday, October 4, 2013

The Purge Continues

Originally written 6/7/2013

In the vein of doing small things that can and should be done whether or not we move, today’s purge was the freezer in the basement.  Back when the Youngest Kiddo was born, we were big into keeping a large inventory in the basement freezer (a quality 1970's Kelvinator).  Ground beef and chicken were in an endless supply.  As the Kiddos have grown so have our cooking practices.  In the last six or eight months we have not stocked or used much of the food in our freezer.  Since today is garbage day, it was time to purge.

It was probably a good thing I decided to purge, for food safety’s sake.  I found a pork tenderloin that was put in the freezer in November 2010 (it's 2013 for goodness sakes).  Something tells me that’s not going to be a delicious meal.  Too bad no one was having surgery in our house because I had a nice inventory of bags of frozen vegetables (tee hee).

I'm curious if we will see an improvement in our electric bill next month now that the energy hog is off line.  

**Update 7/7/2013 
The best part of unplugging the freezer downstairs is that we do not have to lug it up the stairs. Our electric company will pay us to lug it up the stairs and take it away. The only stipulation is that it must be in working condition. We met that requirement.

It took these two men less than 10 minutes to walk in the back door, grab the freezer, and load it onto their truck. All we had to do is sign to say they took it.  

**Update 7/29/2013
The $35 check from the electric company arrived in the mail today. Brilliant!

*The news shared in this blog posts was originally written many months ago.  We were not ready to share the news with the world at that time, so I added the original date the post was written at the top.

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