Thursday, November 28, 2013


I love listening to my kids mimic the accent on the underground & elevator announcements. Their approximation is improving. 

I realize that getting outside makes the homesick blues not so bad.  There's not a lot if sun, but the fresh air really clears my head. 

I wonder when we will solidify permanent housing.  A corporate apartment is nice, but having our own belongings will make it home.
After an hour in the "dryer," I still have to hang most things to finish drying
We are still waffling between living in the city or suburbs. We can live in either, but they both have significant trade-offs. Today is the last day we will wait to hear about availability of the suburb house.  If it's a no, then we start the search all over.  

I'm planning for a weekend while Matt is at a trade show.  Three full days alone with the kids is a challenge, especially when cultural and retail options are mobbed on the weekend.   

We are trying to keep the kids engaged until they are enrolled in school. Fearful that it may take longer for them to start than we'd like. 

Always thinking about dinner.  I should investigate some websites that have helpful meal ideas for camping since my kitchen supplies are extremely limited.

The go to meal
Some days I am hesitant to drag my kids all over town in search of a store that might not pan out to have everything I think it might have.  They figured out "Let's go on an adventure," really means Mom has no idea where we are going.  I really need paper towels, bread, milk (for the 20,000th time), a frying pan, spaghetti sauce, and Q-tips.  As far as I know there is not one store nearby to get all of those things.  I miss Target.  

The whole family is thrilled to have the SlingBox for access to American TV.  Sometimes it's nice to see Matt & Savannah, Jimmy FallonRee, and even just a little bit of news from the US. 

Finally, we are all so thankful for Skype and texts with family and friends. We love to hear what's happening on your continent.  


  1. Hang in there! Everything will fall into place. Do you still have you same cell number?

  2. For the time being I still have the same number, and if you have an iPhone the messages are still free!