Thursday, November 21, 2013

Figuring Things Out

The apartment we're in has the necessary appliances to keep the household running.  The thing is that while I'm quite a domestic goddess, I know these appliances are not quite the same as back at The 407.  The property management company kindly left a binder with information about the area and the operating instructions for the appliances & technology.    

The first order of the day was to make dinner.  I have not cooked a meal in over a week.  While that does not sound like a horrible thing, eating out for 3 meals/day for six days stinks.  The family was looking forward to a nice dinner of pasta with a nice marinara & bread.  I procured the necessary cooking vessels and proceeded to turn on the stove.  At least I tried to turn on the stove.  The stove in this apartment is not the one pictured in the binder.  Their picture indicated it should have knobs on the cooktop, but ours has images on the cooktop that I figured worked like a touchpad.

Tap - nothing

Tap, Tap - nothing

TAP, TAP - nothing

I happened to be on Skype with my mom & sister right around the time I started to cook.  Whenever I have any cooking question I always call my mom.  So I turned the computer to the stove to show them the stove.  They both suggested a tap of the images, but it still did not work.  Then mom brilliantly suggested that instead of tapping I should hold on the image for a few seconds.  That was it!  Dinner was on the table in no time.  

Washing Machine
I am not a fan of laundry (really who is?), but we've accumulated quite a mess-o-laundry in the past week.  We referred to the handy binder for instructions.  The thing is the binder only told us what the buttons are for but not what we should use.  I let Matt take control of this project and set the wash cycle.  

Started the first wash at 7:30, and at 9:30 the washer finally stopped.  Not before I thought it was going to jump out of the cabinet like in Mr. Mom.  I will try the quick cycle tomorrow and see if that's any better.  

Those had better be the most clean clothes on Earth.  Apologies to the people who live below our apartment, we had no idea the washer would make that kind of noise.  The dry cycle is the next bit of fun.  


  1. Glad that you are in an apartment before your place is ready. Enjoying reading about your adventures.

    1. I'm happy you enjoy reading! I never know if people are interested in reading about adventures with home appliances :)