Friday, November 8, 2013

Finally wrapping up a career

Back in September I wrote about wrapping up my teaching career, at least when I thought my career was finished.  However, I had a little more to go.    

I started this school year with my principal knowing that I was not going to be there long.  How long was still up for discussion, but she was hoping until winter break.  Well that was just a bit too long.  Once the house sold and things started moving, it was clear that one of us needed to stop working.  My principal was not looking forward to my leave of absence letter, but the day had come.  Friday, October 18 was to be my last day.  That left me only about three weeks left of work.

Before I left I made sure that I spent some extra time with my students.  I really like this group of 5th graders.  They are really down to Earth kids and are at the age where you can have a decent conversation with them.  I thought the best way was to have lunch with them.  Before I could finish my sentence to ask if they wanted to have lunch with me one day, they all screamed YES!

We had a lovely lunch together.  One of my students gave me a very thoughtful gift.....

She hoped I would find a way to spend them in England.  That's not a problem, sweetheart.  In the last few days I reminisced about the things I will miss about my job; these are just two of the kiddos I'll miss.  My classroom was in a different spot this year, but since I had just a few students it was just cozy enough.  

On my last day, I hoped to sneak out the door with just a few good-byes.  Saying good-bye is tricky.  I will probably not see most of these people ever again.  What do you say?  Well, have a nice life?  It's just an awkward situation.  Well that was not to be.  

My wonderful assistant for the last twelve years worked to get some staff together to bring in treats for my last day.  I was completely shocked to see the outpouring of support before the school day started.  It was a nice way to wrap up my career.