Saturday, November 16, 2013

Good Bye 407

The 407


La casa

Our cottage

Matt and I moved into our home in May 2001.  It was our first house, and it was the perfect house for us.  A traditional 1950's ranch with some value-added benefits.  It came with a finished basement, a 3-season room, and an updated kitchen.  Many events, happy and sad, happened here.  Thankfully many more happy than sad.  Check out these photos circa 2001

We were just babies when we bought this place.  Married barely a year and ready to start life as adults.  It had way more room than we needed but over the years that changed.

We brought our two kids home here; they know no other house or neighborhood or neighbors.  We have the unofficial neighborhood watch neighbor; he knows what's going on and keeps an eye on everything for us.  We are surrounded by families with young children.  Everyone is close in age and easily play together.

We learned a lot about life.  Life's successes and frustrations, budgeting for the big things, summer nights on the patio with friends, and quiet nights at home with a movie taught us the pros and cons of being an adult.

We painted rooms together and soon determined that was not a good idea.  It's a miracle we are both still alive and will never do that together again.  In fact, it was a beautiful thing to call Pete the Painter and have him take care of it.  We learned a lot along the way.

We embarked upon many projects at The 407
- extending the patio for more livable space
- returned the house back to its original 3 bedroom glory from the 2 bedroom it was at the time of purchase

- refinished the existing and added additional hardwood floors in the living room & bedrooms

- raised two great kids

- made life-long memories with family & friends

I'd totally buy my house again.  Especially with pictures like this.

We cried when the house was empty and every noise echoed.

Going through all of the hoops for an international move reminded us that home is really where you are with the ones you love, whether or not they are related to you.  We are so excited to make a new home in England with our current loved ones and the ones we are yet to meet.  

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  1. I can't believe how tall M has gotten. Great pics!