Saturday, November 30, 2013

House Hunting.......again

When Matt and I house hunted back in October, we found the perfect place for our family.  It was a stand-alone house in the 'burbs.  It was a two story house with three bedrooms, a huge reception room, and a huge yard.  The amazing piece to this house was that the owner was replacing all of the carpet and appliances.  He was even going to add a dryer.

You have no idea what an amazing find it is to have a separate washing machine and dryer.  

Within two minutes of being inside this property I knew it was the place for us.  Then we walked out to the back yard.  Oh. my. gosh.  The back property line had a creek running through it!

The owner needed about two weeks to finish all of the improvements, which worked out great for us.  We hoped to move in on Monday, November 18 after spending a few days at a hotel in London.  However, that was not to be because we knew before leaving The 407 that he did not have all of the improvements completed.  Our new move date was to be Friday, November 29.  

Today is November 29, and we are still in the apartment.  

Mr. Owner decided he does not want to rent the property anymore.  I'll let Adam Sandler share my feelings.  

I think I would have preferred two weeks ago, but maybe I'm splitting hairs.

So we are back to the beginning of house hunting, and we've decided that we no longer want to live in the 'burbs.  I know I've enjoyed our time in the city, albeit in a small corporate apartment.  The access to the Underground and busses is a convenience we would not get in the 'burbs.  We've lived that life and maybe Mr. Owner's indecision was just what we needed to realize that.

I'm back to spending mass amounts of time on Rightmove and Zoopla house hunting yet again.

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