Monday, November 25, 2013

My Observations - Food

The family is settling into a routine now that we've been her for a week.  

I still struggle with making dinner.  I have many ideas but not the proper tools & ingredients to make them.  Since our temporary housing is a few blocks from the absolute center of London, our food options at the supermarket are limited.  The markets have what a city-dwelling person would need at lunchtime or on the way back to their small flat after work: ready to cook meals, grab & go sandwiches, small sized sweets, and basic beverages.  That does not help me when I'm looking to make beef stew or a big pot of soup.  I still have to get accustomed to the brands and what the bigger supermarkets offer.  The types of foods offered are drastically different than what I've bought in the US.  The amount of preservatives allowed in foods is minimal.  Take a look at the low fat yogurt.  Do you see any chemicals on the ingredient list below?  I feel better about my purchases, but they take a little longer to figure out.

On the plus side, the family has enjoyed several of the ready to cook meals.  We loved the chicken and asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, and tomorrow we will have a beef & vegetable stir-fry that was on promotion at the Marks & Spencer for £6.  

At least we are eating healthy and at home as a family.

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