Sunday, November 17, 2013

The End of US & Beginning of UK

The final days in our town were quite a blur.  

  • wrapped up selling household items via Facebook & Craigslist
  • continued to purge through papers and finish laundry
  • shopped for a carry on bag that will fit my laptop & other travel necessities
  • dodged a few snowflakes
  • finished the sale of both cars back to the dealer
  • ran final errands

  • the movers arrived 15 minutes early
  • answered "Ma'am, what would you like me to do with this," for most of the day
  • tried to stay ahead of the movers to pack what we need in the suitcase before it went into the sea freight boxes 
  • neighbors visited to say good bye and we gave them food from our pantry as a going away gift

  • Matt woke up with a wicked sinus headache and a heck of a time breathing because of all the dust kicked up during packing.
  • figured out that I didn't stay far enough ahead of the movers when Oldest Kiddo only had Ugg boots to wear.  The gym shoes were packed somewhere in her room.
  • the movers arrived 15 minutes early again
  • dropped the kids off for their last day of school
  • presigned the closing documents with our attorney
  • Matt decided we were staying at a hotel because his headache and breathing problems went away the second he walked outside.
  • checked into the hotel to find that Matt scored an awesome upgrade.  Too bad we showed up at 8:00PM to leave at 7:30AM

  • returned to the house before 8:00
  • the movers arrived immediately after
  • the container truck arrived immediately after that
  • the men played a huge game of Tetris with our belongings
  • they finished loading the truck by 11:30
  • we finished cleaning, packed last minute items, and cried in the living room
  • drove to Rockford for the last time to see Matt's mom and drop off the last bits from the house 
  • drive to the airport

Thursday night/Friday morning
  • Youngest Kiddo sat in the cockpit before take off
  • flew all night while trying to sleep while keeping Youngest Kiddo from rolling off his seat to the floor

  • arrived at Heathrow and got into the hired car to take us and our mass amounts of luggage to the hotel near Paddington Station
  • had the driver pull over so Youngest Kiddo can use the loo at the first cafe he can find
  • had the driver pull over yet again because Oldest Kiddo thought she was about to puke in the car.  Thank the heavens that she did not.
  • found some lunch
  • rested (possibly napped) at the hotel while the kids were on lack of sleep overload
  • had dinner at 5:00
  • passed out asleep at 7:30 (that would be 1:00 in the afternoon for you friends in the Midwest)
  • all slept until 2AM and then passed back out until 9AM
  • made it to breakfast just in time
  • took Youngest Kiddo on his first Underground ride
  • rectified the missing gym shoe issue at Oxford Circus
  • purchased our beloved coffee machine
  • as of 6:30PM (London time on Saturday) we are feeling good


  1. How did you manage with all that luggage? I'm impressed.
    Glad you made it safely and are caught up with the time change.

    1. We are so happy that the suitcases had wheels. Both kids could handle one of the smaller ones. Then we just tag teamed the pile of luggage from the curb to the terminal with Oldest Kiddo waiting at the terminal counter. Those nice United folks kept an eye on her for us. Now that we've transitioned to the apartment, we did not pack as nicely and ended up using two large shopping bags to get all of our things out the door. I think the move to our final stop will be better as we should have the keys a few days before our apartment stay ends, and we'll take some bags over a few days.