Friday, November 15, 2013

The Last ......

....trip to Target.  I am not sure of one place where I can shop in England to get shampoo, a patio set, some socks, and 75 other things I didn't know I needed.  Maybe that's a blessing for the pocketbook.  On our last trip we bought Mint M&Ms, socks for Youngest Kiddo, hair elastics, and a few loofahs.
I used to work at this Target :)

....lunch at Beef-a-Roo.  This is a Big Bad Rockford thing but completely worth the drive for cheddar fries.  The Andes mint at the end isn't half bad either.

....trip in our cars.  The dealer bought our cars from us, and we drove a rental for the last few days.  We even took a spin through the dealer's lot a mid-week to see if they were still there.  We think my car was in the service bay being checked out.  The next owners will love them just as much as us. at school for the kids.  They love school (despite the look on Youngest Kiddo's face), and we hope their love for learning crosses the ocean with them.  Their teachers shared touching and emotional stories about how much they enjoy working with our kids.  Hearing those things assured us that we have two great kids.

....dinner party with friends.  We had the sleep over of all sleepovers with six kids and six adults.  I never thought I could fit twelve people in The 407, but it was a piece of cake.  Lots of laughs and a lot of tears.  

....visits with family.  There were a lot of tears and never enough hugs.  It feels like we've been leaving for a long time as we said good bye to some of our family members and friends over a week ago.  We were blessed to say good byes to neighbors over the last few days.

....load of laundry - oh never mind, that will never happen, but I had to do one more load before the washer & dryer situation gets dicey. dogs at Portillo's.  Youngest Kiddo requested this last stop.  We are not sure if anything in England will match their Vienna Beef hot dogs.  We'll just add Portillo's to the must do list when we visit home.

....trip to Goodwill.  The move has made us realize what we really need in life.  We sure accumulated some unnecessary things over the years.  At least those things will go to someone who can use them. of us at The 407.  We have a photo somewhere of Matt and I in this spot on the day we moved in taken by my college roommate.  Of course that was before digital cameras so it's an actual photo.  Good bye house, be good to the new owners.  

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