Thursday, December 5, 2013

House Hunting......For the Last Time?

On Tuesday we spent the day house hunting with our favorite relocation house hunter, Brian.  He took us out on our first hunts in October, and we were happy to spend the day with him again.

Back in October Brian spoke of different clients that brought their kids on the house hunt and how it adds a whole new level of stress to the day.  The kids really don't want to be in the car.  The kids get hungry.  The kids have to pee.  The kids have a meltdown by the third house.  We all had a good laugh about that, and we were so happy that they kids were back in the states with the grandparents.  

We had the kids today.  Oh, fate is a cruel mistress.  

Here's how the day started:
  • On the walk from the bus stop to Brian's meeting spot, Youngest Kiddo had to go to the bathroom.  I learned back on our trip to Germany that when you see a clean bathroom, you use it.  In this case it was 9:30 in the morning and access to bathrooms was limited.  I snuck into a sit down restaurant to use the WC.  
  • All five of us squeezed into Brian's rental car.  I got the middle seat to make sure Oldest & Youngest Kiddo didn't murder each other before we got to the first property.  It's been a long time since I had to sit on the hump.  That used to be the best seat in the car.  Not as cool as I remember.
  • Youngest Kiddo thought it would be fantastic to run and jump all over the first two properties.  Matt and I just smiled and tried to deflect the estate agent's attention elsewhere.  
  • After the second property, Youngest Kiddo said, "I have to vomit."  First of all it's hilarious to hear him say vomit.  What four-year-old kid says vomit?  Upon arrival to the third property, he sat on the front porch breathing slow and deliberately.  Matt and I tag-teamed supervision on the front porch and did not pay much attention to him, as this has happened many times before. 
  • On the way to the fourth property, Youngest Kiddo looked at me to say in a pathetic, choking voice, "I'm going to vomit."  We were at a stoplight so I opened the door and Youngest Kiddo proceeded to vomit out the door.  I'll spare you the details, but the boy was not lying.  We had to decide what to do at this point - Matt ditch us to take Youngest Kiddo home or press on.  We took the risk to press on.
  • At the fifth property, he was back to his jumping and running self.  I also have to add after using the bathroom at the property.  
It wasn't even lunchtime.

  • The rest of us were starving for lunch, but we questioned what we should do with Youngest Kiddo.  He claimed that he was hungry, so we took another risk to press on.  You'd think we never fed the boy, he sure horked down his food.

Matt said I was going to sit next to him in the car for the rest of the day.  I was willing to take that challenge.  Do you notice I have not said a word about any of the properties?

We saw the whole range of properties - common terraced houses and high rise places.  I took many photos of the ones we liked.  One place was cute inside, but outside it as if "Wanted" posters should hang on the fences.  The hideous last place reminded me of a retirement high rise on the bad part of town, I did not want it digitally forever remembered.  Here's some good ones from the 10 properties.....

Youngest Kiddo was excited for the tiny, low sink.

Lots of storage in the reception (living) room 
Yes, that's a washing machine AND a tumble dryer - heaven

It was stuck in the 90's but the conservatory was gorgeous
Beautiful kitchen with garden in the back
Of the ten properties we viewed, we have one winner that we want and a back up if needed.  Another one of our other relocation representatives is negotiating the rent on one of the properties as I type this.  I sure hope for my sleep quality that it works out in our favor.

I'm sure Brian added many stories to his repertoire today.

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