Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Favorite New App of ALL TIME

Traversing London outside of the Underground stations is a bit tricky.  The city streets are not on a grid system, and the streets names change randomly from block to block.

Underground stations are not always nearby, so a bus is often the way to go (plus it's a bit cheaper).  Up until now I've had to swap between a bus app and an Underground app in order to get where we need to go.  One main difficulty with the apps is that they had difficulty finding my actual location.  If I was not somewhere big, like the Tower of London, it got confused.

That is until I downloaded Citymapper app.   

It determines my exact location and tells me all of the transportation options (walk, bus, rail) and combinations of the modes.  It gives approximate times for each mode and tells what times the next bus or train arrive.  It's free and you also get New York City routes.  

Yesterday I found an amazing feature of the app.  When I scrolled through my options to get back to our apartment, one of my choices was jetpack.  Nice.  

This morning I tried to show the option to Oldest Kiddo, but it changed - to teleporter.  When I tapped it, the app told me that this mode was still in beta :)  Later in the day I needed directions and the fun option was a catapult.  It even came with a short video (gif?) of a person catapulting from point A to point B.  Hilarious.

The best bit of all, the app is free!

*These opinions are all my own.  I love this app!

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