Monday, December 2, 2013

Out And About Town

We've had some housing woes in the last week which put me into a pretty decent funk.  When we left The 407, I figured we'd be in our house long before now and starting up a home routine.  We left on November 15, and as of December 1 we still have no where to live.  That's a whole other post.  Despite cloudy skies in my head & outside, being out and about has been the best medicine.

On Wednesday I was searching out different London travel blogs to see if there were any free or inexpensive places we could go.  I came across Coram's Fields, which is just a short walk from our apartment.  The kids were content with the play structure just inside the gates.  They have no idea what the rest of the park holds.  I'm holding that in my back pocket for later in the week.

Today we went to the London Zoo.  I had a bit of sticker shock when we paid for our entry.  One adult and two kids was £51 ($83!).  A small disclosure, I'm working off a London travel book from 2006, and the prices have increased quite a bit.  I've ordered the newest edition.  I can apply today's admission to a family pass so we don't have to pay that again!

I think all of the families in London were shopping or elsewhere today because we had just a few people with us at each exhibit.  The animals were eager to be photographed today and many readily came up to the glass to check us out.

These are the bearded pigs.  They were adorable!

Oldest Kiddo was excited to visit the Reptile House because Harry Potter visited the same location in the first book.  No parseltongue was spoken today.

On our way to the edge of the park we had to cross a bridge over the Regents Canal.  This is a beautiful gem in the city.  If we were super gutsy, we could rent a houseboat on the canal instead of a flat or house.

Early last week we visited the London Transportation Museum in Covent Garden.  I've always enjoyed the shop here but never toured the museum.  The kids got in free so the £15 admission was not too bad.  The museum starts at the beginning of London's transportation roots to present day.  My kids were engaged the entire time!  They got to see carriages, trains, and busses.

Even the props are realistic, ew

We walked back through Covent Garden to find a cool Lego snowglobe.  It is comprised of over 120,000 Lego bricks put together by one guy.  One guy.  He's the only certified Lego professional in the UK.  I wonder if that's for a reason :)


Cheers to bright days and more fun family outings!


  1. LOVE the picture of the canal, just gorgeous.
    One of the best perks about not working in a school anymore is that I get Mondays off, so I decided to put up all the Christmas decorations. Everything was going smoothly until I plugged in the tree~only one strand of lights came on. Frustrating! So you may not be in your permanent home, but at least you don't have to worry about the Xmas lights not working. Just a bit of what's going on here. :)

    1. There's always a strand that does not work. Saw a guy who had to check all the bulbs on the tree outside of an apartment building to find the one that was out. Glad that wasn't my job! We will get to Christmas lights soon! We have fingers crossed to move into a permanent place next week. It has been eye opening seeing what happens in the world during the week. Museums and shops are significantly less busy.