Monday, January 6, 2014

A Tale of Two Cities

Our friends and family back in Chicago are dealing with some outrageous weather today.  The windchill is predicted near 50 below zero fahrenheit, and the wind chill warning lasts until noon on Tuesday.  Schools are closed today for fear of the little cheeks & noses that might freeze on their way to school, no matter how short the walk.  I also think about my colleagues that drive from some more rural areas that would have to deal with drifting snow on the roads.  Good choice by the school districts to be safe.  Chicago Public Schools are even closed today, and that rarely happens.

In addition to the significant wind chills, the midwest has experienced quite a bit of snow in the last week.  Over New Years Eve & New Years Day our former hometown received 12 inches of snow.  Since then a few more inches have fallen to put the total amount of snow on the ground to almost 20 inches.

The kids would love to have a little bit of snow in London, but we can certainly do without the extreme wind chill.  Stay warm my friends!

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