Friday, January 3, 2014

Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood?

We have no idea who lives in our neighborhood.  No one makes eye contact on the street.  When you take the chance and say, "Hello," they look shocked that someone is speaking to them.  

However, the people in our neighborhood live in some pretty impressive houses.  Much of the area near our house and the Underground station is a long-standing conservation area (CA) comprised of many Queen Anne-style homes.  The CA has stringent rules about changes to outside and even the inside of some houses.  Their careful consideration is our gain.  I feel like each time we head outside, we see something new and always beautiful.

The half mile to the Underground station may seem far, but it is a lovely walk in our neighborhood.  The houses have similarities, but they all have a different twist that makes them unique.  We've come across different stained glass front windows, ornately tiled front garden paths, and well-kept hedges on our exploratory walks.

If people won't talk to us, their houses sure tell nice stories.

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