Friday, February 7, 2014

Oh Loo Hoo!

When one moves into a new house, it's lovely to have friends over to show off the new place.  Living thousands of miles away makes this visit difficult.  Over the next few weeks, I will share some bits of our house.  I'll be strategic so that I can provide privacy and security for my family.

Now on with the show!

Our house has three bathrooms.  Three bathrooms that get a fair amount of use each day.  Back at the 407 we had two bathrooms.  We hardly used the one downstairs so I did not have to deep clean it near as much as the main floor bathroom.  Here I have to keep up with the cleaning to mitigate the limescale of our hard water.  That crust is a pain in the arse to remove.

We have a small bathroom on the ground floor (aka WC).  The bummer is it's location is in the kitchen.  I suppose if that was the only place to add a bathroom then we will take it.  It's quite small and the best photo I could get was from above.  The white paint gives it a blinding feeling most of the time.  

Up on the first floor (the 2nd floor to you in the US) is the kids' bathroom and the one we'll encourage our guests to use.  I figure guests don't want to do their business in the kitchen.  A little decorum is always appreciated.  It has a tub with a shower and a great set of storage cabinets.  Can you see the string in the bottom photo to the right of the door?  That's how we turn on the light.  Youngest Kiddo is too short to reach it :)

All the way up to the second floor (3rd floor) is our bathroom.  Our bathroom is only a few years old and we enjoy the modern, sizable shower.  The towel warmer is a novel addition to the room; the towels do not actually stay warm long enough to make a difference.  The shelf is one of our IKEA purchases that fits the bill for storage.  There is a frosted window in our bathroom so it's filled with light all day with no accidental peep show to the neighbors. 

That's scoop for the loos!

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