Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Let's Go For A Walk - Touring Tuesday

If you've read any of the A4 monthly updates, you'll know I walk a lot.  Below is a screen shot of the last week of February and the first full week of March.  Yes, that's about 42 miles in two weeks.  I think it's probably a bit more as I only count the major walks of the day - to the kids school, the train station, grocery, etc.  The little walks from store to store on the high road are not always factored in.

I do not dread walking at all.  I thought I might get sick of it after a few weeks, but since there is no alternative I have no room to complain.  There is no complaining now especially since I can tighten my belt one hole tighter & the pants that were a bit tight in Chicago now fit.

The amount of walking that I accomplish in one week is a vast difference from what I accomplished back in Chicago (which was about 0).  The shops we frequented were not close to our house nor really each other.  The style of living we had was not conducive to walking whilst purchasing a week's worth of groceries, a stop at Target, a big stop at Costco, and the library.  We needed a car to accommodate the quantity of merchandise we bought.  For goodness sakes I had trouble carrying the package of Costco toilet paper to the car let alone the rest of the groceries.

The lack of a car makes us think differently about our shopping now.  As you read on Friday's post about the kitchen, we don't have a ton of space to store extra food.  I left a great pantry behind at The 407 which appropriately accommodated storage of cereals and canned goods.  I will say that I am a more conscious shopper knowing that everything needs a space, especially in the fridge.

While walking is a necessity for the smooth running of the household, it is also a beautiful byproduct of our surroundings.  

The other day (March 4th on the calendar above), I had a lovely walk along the River Thames after my visit to the Tate Britain Museum (that's an upcoming post).  Once I dropped the kids off at school I hopped on the Underground to Pimlico station, which is almost at the southern most point on the north side of the Thames.  My walking path is outlined in red blow.         

I have not spent much time south of Parliament as there is not much to do between there and the curve in the river.  At least I think there is not much to do, so please let me know if I'm missing something spectacular.  Other than knowing the Thames was on my right and Parliament was somewhere in front of me I was clueless as to where I was.  London, being a lovely city, had help for me all along the way.......  

When we visited London over Spring Break a few years ago I met up with a colleague (hi!) who was here for a two-year stay for her husband's job.  On our walk, she showed me how the clueless traveler (or in this case resident) can get where they need to go.  London has these great maps all over town.    

The top provides a quick reference to the nearest big attraction or train station.  The bottom is comprised of two maps - a wide shot and close up of the area.  

The circle that provides walking times is very helpful.  I also appreciate the close up map for its cityscape drawings.  I do not do well with directions of North, South, East & West; I operate best with a street name paired with turn left at the skyscraper with the two towers type of directions.  I ultimately ended my 2.5 mile walk at Leicester Square Underground.  Or as I know it, behind the National Gallery and to the left.

I'll let the photos speak for the views on my walk.....

This is where James Bond works
Flowers are everywhere!


One of the gates into Parliament

Lord Nelson in Trafalgar Square

As the weather continues to improve, I plan to rack up the miles with more walks in the city.  The best part, these types of tours are free!

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