Monday, April 7, 2014

A4 Update - March 2014

Spring is certainly springing in London.  The flowers are blooming everywhere!  Here's the scoop with the fam.
The kids at the TfL Acton Depot
  • Matt traveled back to the States (again) and got to see his parents and my parents.  He came back with a few USA rations.  
  • Holly walked 102 miles (Wahoo!).  I think I need some new trainers (tennis shoes).
  • Attended parent-teacher conferences and the kids are doing superb!
  • Oldest Kiddo joined the school choir and helps supervise the little kids at recess one day a week.  
  • Youngest Kiddo continues to prove that he is a klutz like his mother.  We received our third "your child fell on the playground and bumped his head" letter since starting school in January.
  • Holly got roped into playing in a small Netball tournament at the kids' school.  It was a blast to play, and all cardio for the month was taken care of in that 90 minutes.
  • We are making the rounds in our borough to "research" the best pubs with gardens.  We've found two lovely ones.  Next on the list is one with a garden and playground.  It sounds like nirvana if you ask me.  

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