Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Acton Train Depot Open Weekend - Touring Tuesday

Youngest Kiddo loves, loves, loves the transportation system in London.  I swear he's going to learn to read using the map on the Underground & termination destinations listed on the front of the busses.

"Mom!  That's the 272 bus to Shepherd's Bush!"
"Can we take the 94 to Oxford Street?"
"Are we going to take the District Line to Victoria today?"
"You took the National Rail to Slough today, Dad!"

If we are ever running late, all I have to tell him is that we're taking a train and he is ready in no time.

I was thrilled when my neighbor (yes we finally met some!) told me about the Train Depot Open Weekend.  Transport for London (TfL) has many artifacts stored at the Acton Depot, and a few times a year they open the gates and let the public come inside.  Adult tickets were £10 and the kids got in for free!  

As soon as Youngest Kiddo saw the building, there was not stopping him!

The vintage signage provided an interesting look into the past.  I am a huge proponent for hooliganism to return to daily vocabulary.

The depot also displayed some hulking pieces of machinery.  At on time this was part of an escalator.

 I think this used to control the trains but thankfully it's in the museum now.

It was a great way to spend a sunny Sunday in London.  

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