Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Amsterdam - The Bibliotheek - Touring Tuesday

On our walk back to Amsterdam Centraal from the NEMO Science Centre we came upon the Amsterdam Bibliotheek (library).  At first we were unsure if this was a library because the building was huge.  Upon walking inside it was assured this six-story building was, in fact, a library.

The first floor was the children’s department.  This is the point when we wished we could read Dutch.  What a treat for children to sit for stories in this library.  Along with more books that any child could read during their youth, it had a treehouse and an adorable dollhouse based on a series of books.

The rest of the library was equally as impressive.  The shelves were inviting with lit LED strips.

The top floor’s café patio was almost as impressive as the children’s section; it provided additional gorgeous views of Amsterdam.

The Bibliotheek is worth a stop when you're in Amsterdam.

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  1. European libraries are so awesome! So cool.