Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Amsterdam - Getting Acquainted

Our family spent part of the kids' two-week Easter Break in Amsterdam.  For our first trip from London, we learned a lot.  When booking this trip, we only booked four weeks in advance.  That's really cutting it close by UK standards. (Lesson #1)

Matt still has a great stash of frequent flyer miles that he graciously used on the one hour flight.  

Since a majority of UK students have the same Easter break, finding accommodations was tricky.  It took Matt a while to find a hotel, and we ended up staying at a Hampton that had free breakfast.  The kids had freedom to choose what they wanted to eat, and Matt & I could linger over coffee (koffie) while they perused the spread.  By our last breakfast the kids and I were almost gorging on the tiny pancakes (poffertjes) that we dipped in Nutella.  Oh.my.goodness.
Could these pancakes be more cute?!
Our hotel was only a 15 minute train ride to the center of Amsterdam.  The local train station could not get any closer to our hotel.  Actually, our room could not get closer to the train station.  Thankfully the glass was very thick and we never heard a train (or the construction works in the front of the hotel).  

The view from our room
Our typical strategy when visiting a new city is to spend the first day exploring, figuring out public transportation, and getting lost along the way.  I think the trip to Amsterdam was the first where the needs of a four year old impacted our touring.  I suppose for previous trips he was young enough where he didn't have an opinion, or he was easily redirected when he had one.  

He certainly has an opinion now.  

As we walked the canals it seemed that his bladder had it's own ideas.  The kid had to pee every 45 minutes.  Finding a toilet in Amsterdam was not easy.  The canals are mainly lined with homes and private businesses, which quickly turns a stop in the loo into an emergency situation.  Remember the toilet is not always free in Europe; the going rate is .30-.50 in local currency and/or purchase in the establishment.  McDonald's was just .50, but coffee shops appreciated a purchase instead.  Thankfully Matt could always find a toilet just in time.  

Toward the end of our time in Amsterdam, I saw a man "in the position" and finally figured out what these are used for.....

A public urinal.  

I guess on our return trip we will know where he can go (ew!).

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