Friday, April 4, 2014

You Go Girl!

I have a wonderful story to share that happened whilst waiting at the bank.  

We stopped into our local branch on a Saturday morning and found that we had a small wait.  Apparently they have less staff on Saturdays than the rest of the week.  If you have certain banking needs (outside of the usual deposit & withdraw) on a Saturday, you have to make an booking (appointment) so they can properly accommodate you.  

The family waited for our turn behind a man that was already annoyed.  The teller indicated to him that help he needed was not available at that moment as they did not have the proper staff available.  He obviously did not make a booking.  The tone of his voice became more agitated as he responded to her apologies, although we could not hear what he said.  

Apparently he said something derogatory about women, and the teller lost it.  It went something like this,

"Excuse me, sir, this is the United Kingdom and women have the same rights as men.  I do not appreciate your comments."

He made an additional comment to her (which we could not hear).

"Sir I need to see your banking book.  I am going to close your account right now.  Our bank does not need your business."

He did not return to the counter, and she repeated her intention to close his account.  He finally turned and left the bank.  I wanted to jump up and clap for the teller for not putting up with that man's ignorant comments, but I refrained.  We were the next customers and quietly congratulated her on how she reacted.  Her response was calm and cool.

It got me thinking.  How would this situation be handled in the United States?  I cannot see a bank teller saying that to a customer.  I'd expect severe repercussions to the employee if that happened.  Even though I think the teller was in the right, but that's just my opinion.   


  1. You are absolutely right Holly about the repercussions if this had happened in the states. It's nice to know that in some countries when the customer acts like an idiot the employee does not have to take it.

    1. Agreed. We were stunned by both sides of the conversation!