Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Amsterdam - - Touring Tuesday

On our third day in Amsterdam, I broke one of my own rules.  I took a calculated risk and did not prebook tickets for the Van Gogh Museum.  We had already booked tickets to the Anne Frank House the day before, which dictated the day's touring.  I did not want our holiday to be dictated by prebooked events since we traveled with Youngest Kiddo.  We could not predict how each day would go before started our holiday.  I'd be angry if we missed our scheduled time if someone had a melt down.  Well it bit me in the arse.  The long queue outside told me that Youngest Kiddo would not survive the wait and walk in the museum.  Rats.

That left more time for us to explore the Rijks Museum.  This museum is recently reopened after a major renovation, and she’s a beauty.  I did not prebook tickets for this museum either, but it worked out that the line for tickets was short. 

The Rijks Museum is a celebration of Dutch art, and they do it in a big way.  The galleries are well presented with paintings and sculpture.  The big draw to the museum is the Rembrandt Gallery.  Let’s call it the equivalent of the Mona Lisa at the Louvre.  I overheard a docent describe the way Rembrandt painted was like a fashion show.  He made sure to give the subjects fancy hats and dress. 

Outside of the Rijks Museum is the touristy iamsterdam logo.  It was oozing with young adults.  One tour group even brought their own speaker on wheels to blast good feelings while they took their selfies.  

After a day of touring, we had to end it with some delicious Dutch pancakes.  Well, Youngest Kiddo had to have a waffle.    

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