Friday, May 2, 2014

Top Floor - London Manor

It's been a while since I've shared a London Manor post with you.  The main reason for the delay is the final spots in the house are not as ready for prime time as I'd like.  Pictures have not found their final destination in a few rooms or the organization is just not quite right.  

Finally the top floor of the Manor is as done as it's going to be - the master bedroom.  I shared the master bathroom a while ago, and now you can see the rest of the room.  It's what Londoners know as a loft conversion.  Our landlord converted the attic into usable living space by bumping the back wall out and up to a 90-degree angle instead of the peaked roof it was originally.  

It's a long way to the top.......of our house.  We climb two sets of stairs, with the final set up to our room being narrow with a curve for the last three steps.  I've slipped on the curve many times.  That should not surprise many that I'm a klutz.  

Our room is huge.  I think it's the size of our bedroom and Youngest Kiddo's bedroom back at The 407.  More space is great, but it is also a pain in the arse since it's easy for things to pile up and them not be in the way.  For you, dear readers, I cleaned the place up.

We do not have any pictures on the wall because we can't decide what to hang up there.  We will call it the clean lines look.  

Our view out the front is from two Velux windows; these appear to be the standard window people put in their loft conversions.  The back view is from two double hung like windows.  All of the windows in the whole open and have no screens.  I have a hard time with no screens on the windows as birds tend to hang out in our neighborhood, and I'm paranoid that they will get in.  Matt says I'm crazy, but he can be the one to clean up the mess when one gets in.  Gives me the creeps.  

The lighting is provided by recessed halogen can lights and our two side-table lamps.  The wardrobes are courtesy of our IKEA purchase and constructed by Matt.  

There are two sneaky spots in the room.  The first is this little alcove that really has no purpose other than to store things.  Right now it houses our still wrapped bedroom mirror that matches our dresser currently in Youngest Kiddo's room.  Also in there is unhung art work and our shoe stash.  

The second sneaky spot is the leftover attic space.  There's not much square footage, but it can store our luggage and holiday decorations.  I usually have something sitting in front of the little door because it does not always stay shut.  It often creaks open when I'm upstairs by myself.  Creeps me out.  

There you have it - the top of London Manor.  There are two remaining spots of The Manor to show you, but they still need some tweaking before their debut.  

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