Friday, May 9, 2014

Touring Is Better With A Partner

I brought my mom back to London after my trip to America two weeks ago.  My kids have not seen her since October.  October!  That's a super long time since we saw her at least once a fortnight (that's two weeks in Brit-speak) back at The 407.  I'm still working on getting my dad over for a visit.......  

She'll stay with us for a month, and I've got big things planned.  

We have to tour the usuals: Big Ben, London Eye, British Museum (zombies!), Westminster Abbey, etc.  I booked us tickets for Churchill Imperial War Rooms, The Ceremony of the Keys and The Book of Mormon.  I've also got a few surprises up my sleeve :)  Oh yeah, and we will walk - a lot.  

In the first few days that she's been here I've thoroughly enjoyed touring with a partner.  I am used to touring museums solo, aside from the occasional banter with a stranger.  Mom appreciates my jokes about portraits & sculpture.    

One bonus of having my mom here for a spell - date night!!

It was sure nice to go out for dinner and leave when we were ready.   

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