Friday, June 13, 2014

A Hot Throat?

I have no problem traveling alone with my kids.  They've traveled on so many forms of transportation in the last six months that nothing slows them down.  Oldest Kiddo can handle a carryon and pull a wheelie suitcase.  Youngest Kiddo still needs practice with a carryon.  When we recently spent some time back in the US we returned to London a few days after Matt.

Nana & Papa dropped us off at the bus depot for the ride to the airport.    

Youngest Kiddo loved watching all of the construction equipment working along the road.  Since it's construction from the bus depot to the airport, Youngest Kiddo had a lot of entertainment.  

Once we got to the airport, both kids knew how to put their bags through the security machines and walk through the metal detectors.  After walking to the gate Youngest Kiddo was beyond excited to get on the airplane.  He could not stop asking if it was time to board our 6:20 flight (we had a good 90 minutes to wait).  When they called for our boarding group he had to get in line immediately.  He got up there so fast we were one of the first passengers on the plane.  

The flight quickly filled up, and when we heard the ding to buckle our seat belts, it got interesting.  

"Mom, my throat is hot."

That is Youngest Kiddo code for "Mom, I'm going to vomit."  There was no way we'd make it to the lavatory in time, so I grabbed the air sick bag from the seat pocket, and he proceeded to vomit.  Kudos to the United Airlines cleaning crew because I hate to think if it was missing......

He said that he was all better, and as I buttoned up the bag he started to cough.  I grabbed a second air sick bag just in time.  He assured me this time he was all better.  When I agreed with his assessment, I got a wet cloth from the flight attendant to wipe off his face and to toss the air sick bags.  I refolded the cloth so he had a clean side to put around his neck.

Not two minutes later, he perked up and asked if there was anything to eat.  Gracious.  

The rest of the flight was uneventful.  Oldest Kiddo wooed the flight attendants with her polite manners.  They were so cordial back to her when she said her pleases and thank yous.  The kids watched a few movies, ate dinner (with no negative aftermath), and finally fell asleep around 11:00PM Central time (5:00AM London time).  Unfortunately they woke up two hours later as the flight attendants served breakfast at 7:00AM London time.

Lack of sleep did not slow them down after landing since we got to ride the Piccadilly Line home (Youngest Kiddo's favorite line)!  We were the first ones on the train as well, which made for a very happy Youngest Kiddo.

Both kids passed out at 6:00PM and did not wake until we woke them at 9:30 the next morning.  

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