Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Crafty Touring - Touring Tuesday

Whilst my mom is in London, I'm trying to find activities that fit into her crafting hobbies.

She lucked out to be in London for the first Saturday of the month to visit the Sewing Machine Museum.  Whilst not on the top of most tourists' list, it's a pretty fantastic place.  It was a journey to get there from our end of town.  To top if off, it is located near a very immature Underground stop.

This museum is located on the second floor of an old warehouse-like building.  I think the man in charge of the museum held court with his cigars in his office on the ground floor.  The smell permeated the rooms above filled with oodles of vintage sewing machines.  

We could peek into what looked like a repair shop off to the side of the museum.  I guess the employees like to listen to the oldies while they wait for Ernestine to connect them with a few ringy dingys.  

This is one of many niche museums in London that makes this city so great.

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