Friday, July 4, 2014

A4 Update - June 2014

We've hit the seven month mark in London

  • We bought a grill!  Of course it's a Weber that came all the way from Palatine, IL. 
  • Holly & Oldest Kiddo ran a Rainbow Loom bracelet stand at the school summer fair.  It was tolerable once the Pimms were served to the adults.
  • We are almost done planning a summer holiday - can't wait!
  • A new family from the Chicago suburbs started at our school!  We will celebrate the 4th of July together.  
  • We ventured to Windsor to tour the castle.  The Queen was in residence during our visit, but she forgot to invite us to tea.
  • Oldest Kiddo performed in a choir concert at the town hall with seven other schools.  She has decided that she'd like to continue with clarinet lessons in the fall.  

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