Friday, July 18, 2014

Thoughts About Souvenir Shopping

The weather in London is spectacular right now.  By Friday the temperatures might push 85 degrees!  Before it heats up too much and I melt on the Central Line into the city, I took a walk through Leicester Square.  This area of London houses a majority of London's big theatres.  I've passed by before, but I've never actually walked around.  I was surprised to find this fountain and green space for casual picnics.

The area is also jammed with restaurants, buskers (street performers), and souvenir shops.  Guess what?
I found the tourists.

I knew this because many had bags from M&Ms World and the plethora of souvenir shops.  Whilst on my walkabout I came up with a few tips to keep in mind when you shop for chachkies in London.  

  • The souvenir shops are always having a sale. 
  • The souvenir shop owners think their customers like rap music, so they play it really loud. 
  • All of the souvenir shops carry the same merchandise. Really they do. Believe me on this one. 
  • The London souvenirs are not quality, but I suspect this does not come as a surprise. 

I hope that your trip to London isn't ruined by learning this information.  I care about you, and I'd rather you spend your hard earned vacation money at a museum or delicious restaurant (I don't mean TGI Fridays).  If you must by something, know that it won't last forever.  It may not even last until you get home if you purchase the nail care kit complete with clippers and really long metal nail file.  I'm sure the airport security folks would like it instead.  


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