Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A 14 Year Tour - Touring Tuesday

Today's Touring Tuesday is a little different.  Today we're touring down memory lane because it's our wedding anniversary!

It's not a milestone anniversary as in the number of years, however, isn't every anniversary a milestone?  Hallmark says fourteen years deserves ivory (traditional) or gold jewelry (modern).  I'm guessing no one has decided to update the traditional list for some time.  I do believe many animal rights groups would be unhappy if we bought some ivory for the house. Gold jewelry is always appreciated.

Check out our 2011 anniversary - it has a little more comprehensive list

What have we accomplished in 14 years?  Aside from what I shared in 2011, there are a few more things....

We sold our house, cars, and a whole bunch of furniture

Moved to England

Added a few more stamps to the passport (with a lot more to go!)

Marienplatz in Munich

What's on the list for the future?
  • Add more stamps to the passports
  • Buying a vacation home is still on the list, but now the question is if it has to be in the US.
  • Where do we go when the London gig is over?

The answers will reveal themselves in the next few years.  And I'm glad to have my partner along for the ride.  

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