Friday, August 22, 2014

Do Men Really Need Their Own Tissues?

I frequently have groceries delivered to The Manor.  It is a huge time saver to me, and it's just gosh darn convenient.  

As you know you, when shopping online you don't always get the whole idea of what you are getting based on the photo.  Maybe the color is not quite what you expected.  Maybe the quality is better than you gathered from the description.  The item might be quite smaller than you anticipated from the photo.  

Well, I had an interesting experience with tissues.  My grocery store provides many options from the Kleenex brand.  In an attempt to be a savvy shopper, I compared the unit prices to find the best value.    

According to the unit prices the Kleenex Mansize was the best value at £1.25 per 100 sheets.  At no point did it cross my mind to scour the description - come on it's a box of tissues.  Herein lies the comedy.   

After I submitted my order, I began to wonder why Kleenex made a mansize tissue.  I can only imagine the creative session when these were invented.

"I think the male segment of our customer base is grossly under appreciated.  The boxes for the tissues we make have flowers and frilly swirls, and I think the bachelors are looking for something to match their decor."

"I also think the size of our tissues does not properly provide for the amount of snot men expel."

"I know!  Let's make a Mansize line of Kleenex.  We'll design the box to fit into every bachelor's grey & black decor, and the size of the tissue will rival a cloth diaper!!!"

Fast forward to delivery day.  The driver handed me this huge stack of boxes.  It was the Mansize Kleenex.  I've placed the typical box we get next to these behemoths for comparison.  They look more like a shirt box than a tissue box.  

These are more than mansize, they are Hagrid size.  

The diagonal measurement is more than a foot long!
I suppose some take two regular-sized tissues to contain their nasal needs, and this product will take care of that.  However, where the heck am I going to put the box?  Not a chance it will fit in the window sill or on the back of the toilet.

  I mean, look at the size of that tissue!


  1. That is the funniest thing I have seen. Who knew? Maybe the British men have more snot?

    1. That's one possibility. However, everything in this country is in miniature size I can't imagine many Brits embracing this product. The kids have used more of them during play than for their actual intended usage.