Friday, August 29, 2014

Keeping Up With the Blog-dashians

Please forgive me if my revelation is something you've used for a long time, I'm a little slow. 

I read a lot of blogs.  About a year ago I spent time each night clicking through my bookmarked blogs to see if there was a new post to read.  Yes it was tedious since not all of my blogs had daily posts, but worked for me.  Then I was shown the light with a website that collates all of the blogs I read and shows me the new posts.  I think it's called a blog reader or aggregator (that's a word I haven't used since my days as a special ed teacher), but I just call it Feedly.

There are many blog reader sites out there, but for the blogs I read, it seems that Feedly and Bloglovin are two popular sites.  It revolutionized the time I spent on the computer.   

After setting up a free account, I loaded all of the blogs I read into the site.  After each addition I further organized them into categories of my creation.

Take a look at the screenshot of my Feedly below.

The left-hand column lists the categories I created; some of them should come as no surprise to faithful readers.  The numbers alongside the categories indicate how many posts I have not read.  Yes, I have 108 posts to catch up on after ignoring my blogs for a week whilst on holiday.

The thing is, I won't read all 108 posts.  The center of the screenshot shows a preview and photo for the unread posts. If I want to read the post, I simply click through.  If I'm not interested, I can click a button at the bottom that reads, "Mark above articles as read."  Bam.

I can zip through the blogs I read in about 20 minutes.  Then it's off to wash more laundry in my tiny washing machine or go to the shop to buy milk for the third time this week.

The take away from this is that if you read a lot of blogs, a blog reader might be your new friend.

Then add this website as your first one

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