Friday, September 5, 2014

Amazing Kids Travel Book For Barcelona

Traveling with kids requires a fine balance.  The adults want to see museums and cathedrals, while the children want to play at the parks & swim at the hotel pool.  

Oldest Kiddo is at the age where she can assist in the vacation planning.  I am not about to give her the most recent Frommer's Barcelona and ask her to plan out an itinerary.  I sought out blogs and websites with ideas for kids.  Let me tell you a secret.  Much like all souvenir shops sell the same thing, most cities list the same things for kids: the zoo, the aquarium, and the children's' museum.  For us, those are usually reserved as a last resort.  However, the NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam was phenomenal.  

For this trip I found an amazing book that Oldest Kiddo loved.  

Book at
Book at
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The book is broken up by area with specific tasks listed.  She had to find fountains, plaques, and different pieces of architecture.  She was engaged on all of our walks around the city.  To be honest, her excitement about the book transferred to us.  We got excited each time one of us spotted what the task asked.

Another great thing about the tasks was that everything was not easy to find.  Some items were off in the distance that we had to search via a lookout point, or  we had to look extremely close at a piece of architecture for one little design.  One item that eluded us was discovered through the window of the office at our rented apartment.  

Sometimes we had to tell her to put the book away.  

The author also has a book for Paris & Rome, so check them out if you are taking the family on a trip!


  1. Very cool. Hope they make more so that you guys can venture into more countries!

    1. I would actually recommend it for adults, too. The author did a great job pointing out high-quality details.