Friday, September 12, 2014


Our first summer in London, affectionately known as #our41daysofsummer, is over.  The kids went back to school on September 2.  They were both so happy to play with their friends again.  It was surreal how everyone seemed to scatter across the continent the moment school let out.  On a personal note, I was thrilled to see their friends' parents again to catch up on the summer.  I sure missed spending leisurely mornings with them at the coffee shops.  

Our summer was only 41 days compared to the 79 days our American compadres scored (but who is counting).  No one can tell us we didn't try to squeeze 79 days worth of fun into our 41 days.

Sometimes our fun was in London

Other times it was outside of the city

For just a bit more fun, we took trip to Lisbon & Barcelona

And then there were just some days we had to be home

We made many memories during #our41daysofsummer.  Now it's back to real life and plan the next trip!

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