Friday, October 10, 2014

A4 Update - September 2014

We said goodbye to summer this month.

  • The Kiddos returned to school at the beginning of September.  Oldest Kiddo gets to wear a tie with her uniform.
  • Holly visited Buckingham Palace during the summer opening, and it was more spectacular than you could imagine.
  • There was a spider invasion in London.  All windows were sprayed several times to discourage their entry into The Manor.  One got in, and I nearly had a heart attack.  
  • The Duchess is going to have another baby!!!
  • Nana visited for a few weeks.  We saw The Book of Mormon, visited many palaces (we visited all but Kew), went to Paris (!), and revisited the big tourist locations.


  1. Wow, M looks so grown up!
    What did you think of Paris? I wasn't that impressed with it when I was there this summer.

    1. Paris has its own vibe, and I knew that it could be tough to navigate for a non-native speaker. I tried hard to use the memorized polite phrases when speaking to the French However, the Spanish version of phrases I wanted to say would come to mind instinctively. I only responded with Sí once time.

      We had no expectations for things to do on our trip. It's been over ten years since I was there, so I've seen the big monuments but mom had not. We wandered the neighborhoods and were pleased when we stumbled across one of them. It was tricky to find food that was not super expensive. We had a horrible lunch but a great dinner. The éclairs and crepes were delicious! The Musée d'Orsay is gorgeous and I'm glad we toured it.