Friday, October 3, 2014

Hello Tooth Fairy!

Matt's mom held on to the Tooth Fairy box that he used as a kid, and Oldest Kiddo had the pleasure of using it for all of her teeth.  She lost her last baby tooth a few months ago for one more milestone achieved in her life.

Youngest Kiddo then became obsessed with when he'd loose his first tooth.  He would frequently run to us with his fingers in his mouth and garble that he had a loose tooth.  Unfortunately, it was just wishful thinking.  

Just about a month ago, Youngest Kiddo came running to us with the same garbled statement.  However, this time he was right!  He had a loose tooth!  It was not super loose, but it had to start somewhere.  I saw a lot of this:

Then when eating dinner one night, he casually said his toot fell out.  Leave it to Youngest Kiddo to be all calm about losing his tooth.  The tooth box graciously came out of its short retirement and has a new owner.

The first tooth must have told its partner that it was time to go because a few days later the next one was loose, too!  That tooth was ready to come out, but Youngest Kiddo was having nothing to do me pulling it out.  He wanted to hold on to it.  Truth be told, it looked disgusting in his mouth.  I'll spare you a photo.

We soon found out why he held on to the tooth.  He wanted the tooth to come out on vacation.  As soon as we got on the metro train in Lisbon he indicated he was ready for me to pull it.  Two teeth down, eighteen to go.  

Yes, the Tooth Fairy does visit Portugal.  

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