Friday, October 31, 2014

That's Not My Name

I've changed my name.  My name is no longer Holly.  

It was lovely name.  It frequently spurred conversations over the years.  Is my birthday around Christmas?  Is that a family name since it's uncommon?  A weird coincidence occurred during my undergraduate studies; there were three girls named Holly in my program?  That was fun.

However, I decided that in order for anyone to properly spell or say my name in this country it had to change.  The "ah" in Holly is not a natural sound to the Brits.  They are never sure of how to spell it.  So after almost one year living in the UK it was time to give them a break.  

Henceforth I shall be known as Holly.  

No, it's not the same name.  You see, my former name Holly was pronounced as you would the horticultural plant.  My new name Holly rhymes with Pauley.  It may seem a subtle change, but it's huge for me.  

Just because my name has changed does not mean that I have changed.  I still laugh loudly at bad jokes.  I still can't bake a batch of brownies.  I still speak my mind a bit too freely.

You can still call me Holly, if you wish.  

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