Tuesday, October 21, 2014

You Never Know Who You'll Meet - Touring Tuesday

Long time readers will remember that Youngest Kiddo loves transportation.  When we ascended from the metro into the heart of Lisbon he saw the 28 Tram.  He immediately knew what he wanted to do on his holiday.  

The 28 Tram is a popular attraction in the city for good reason.  Its route takes riders past many major sites.  Each time we saw the tram it was jammed with people, so we were reluctant to get on not knowing if we'd be sardined in a group of pickpockets (always my fear) or if we'd get lucky and find a seat.  

Youngest Kiddo waited quite patiently until day two for a ride on the 28 Tram.  Matt thought it would be best if our ride started where the route started for the best chance of getting a seat.

We were not the only ones with this idea.  

The shelter was full of people and the queue began to snake down the sidewalk.  We were committed to ride and stood in line.

After a few minutes the couple in front of us recognized our accent and struck up a conversation.  Over the next hour wait for the tram, we proceeded to talk, and talk, and talk.  

It turned out that we had many things to talk about.  The Californian couple (D&S we will call them) were in Lisbon as part of an anniversary cruise.  At that time they were a bit out of sorts as their luggage had not arrived on their flight.  We felt some compassion for them as it is no fun to wear the same clothes for 24+ hours.  They made the best of the situation and got out into the city.  D&S entertained our kids (and us) with games and stories about their many years of marriage and grandchildren.

When we finally made our way onto the tram, we found spots to sit near each other.  As predicted, the tram became uncomfortably jammed with people.  I held my purse super close and tried to get the man in the photo below to stop speaking to me in Portuguese even after saying, "No Português."  The only words I could understand from him were, "Charles & Camilla."  He had a sour face and made a thumbs down when he said their names over and over.  Apparently he's not a fan.  
Before we morphed to sardines
Eventually Matt and the kids ended up near D&S, and they got to talk for the duration of the ride.  When we reached the termination, we parted ways with an added wish for the expedient return of their luggage.  For such a short time together, we sure had a good time.

A few days later we took a walk down the Avendia de Liberdade toward Parque Eduardo VII.  We chuckled as the kids continued to play the games they learned from D&S while walking among the über fancy shops.  Oldest Kiddo had just mentioned how nice D&S were for showing her the game they were playing.


Just a few short minutes later, who do we see walking the toward us on the Avendia de Liberdade?  Yes, D&S.

I'm not kidding.

They were doing a quick bit of shopping because S's luggage arrived, but D's luggage was still missing.  Their cruise ship was scheduled to leave that day, and he could not get on the ship without some clothes to wear.  It was a super short chat, but it was a lovely surprise.  

In the months that have passed D&S creep into conversation now and again.  Mostly wondering if D's luggage ever showed up :)

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