Friday, December 12, 2014

Just A Typical Day

I've been asked what my day is like in London, and this gives you a good idea of a normal day.  Although it might seem like I spend a ton of time in the city, I really only travel out of our borough once or twice a week.    

The morning starts early around here.  I do my best to be ready by the time the kids need to get up, but lately that hasn't happened because it is incredibly dark when my alarm goes off.  The lazy sun does not decide to get up until almost 7:00!

When the kids are finally roused out of bed they are always ready for breakfast.  Sometimes furry friends have to join us in order to keep the morning moving in a forward progression.  

Our journey to school varies from day to day.  This week the kids had the pleasure of riding their bikes to school as Oldest Kiddo had bike training.  There was no way Youngest Kiddo was letting his sister ride her bike alone.  Repeat these words over and over while you look at the next photo, "Eyes forward!  Stop aiming for the parked cars!" 
After dropping the kids at school I sometimes need to do a spot of shopping.  I brought my trusty granny cart with me on this day, but it didn't seem to hold everything.  After my last stop I had to drag the bags that wouldn't fit along on the bus ride.  

The afternoon was filled with baking for the school bake sale and a little Chicago radio via the internet.  While I enjoyed my lunch, I caught up on an episode of Friends.  I may or may not have taken a nap, too.  

How you doin'?
Before I knew it, the time had come for the afternoon school run.  I had to do a quick flat iron before leaving as the humidity and rain does funny things to just one side of my hair.  Believe me, that is as vain as I get.  A quick stop for a coffee along my route gives me the boost I need to finish the day.   

The kids wanted to make a stop by the charity shop on the way home.  Oldest Kiddo likes to hunt for new clothes while Youngest Kiddo scopes out the toys.  It's inexpensive entertainment for the kids.  Notice how dark it is?  We just left school!  
Once we arrive back home, the kids change from their uniforms into comfy jammies for the night.  

Depending on the evening, we might run across a little bit of fauna in the house.  Tonight this slug found some way to sneak into the conservatory.  I graciously plucked him off the door and returned him to the great wild.  We've been home to several spiders since the weather started turing colder.  They are creepy huge!
The kids usually have a quick snack (tonight was a bit indulgent) then it's time for the bedtime routine.

Once they are safe in their beds, I typically dive into my bedtime routine and call it a day.

It's hard work getting up before the sun. 

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